Business: Quality Workforce

The established guidelines and criteria for WEC qualification ensures businesses recognize and receive graduates who are ready for the workforce, with qualities our employers seek – attendance, timeliness, persistence, respectfulness, initiative, dependability, and efficiency.

Business: Recruiting

Traditionally the best recruiters of high school students, seniors in particular, have been the military and college coaches. The strength of their recruiting lies in a couple of different areas. One, they come into the high schools and meet with students before they graduate. Two, when they come in, the recruiters find intriguing activities, or are excellent sales people for their institution. Either or both of those strengths grab students attention.

With the elements of Work Ethic Certification, you as a business are going to be asked to think differently about how you recruit. Think about how you are going to engage with students to tell the story of your business, talk about your workplace culture and environment, and show the benefits of working for your business or in your field. The relationships you will build with schools and students are going to give you unprecedented access to students before they graduate from high school.

Students: Workplace and Career Awareness

Through the partnership agreement with businesses, students may have the following opportunities:

  • Job shadowing
  • Internships
  • Workplace tours
  • Career fairs and mock interviews
  • Resume discussion

Students: WEC Incentives

Another key component of Work Ethic Certification is the incentives offered by businesses to graduates with the certification. The following opportunities may be available to WEC graduates:

  • Guaranteed job interview
  • Applicant pool preference
  • Increased base pay
  • Bonus vacation day
  • Abbreviated probationary period
  • Sign-on bonus
  • Six-month/one-year anniversary bonus
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Scholarships

Community: Growth of Local, High-Quality Workforce

When businesses partner with schools and graduates to offer incentives to stay in Elkhart, or return to Elkhart upon the completion of a degree or military commitment, is ensures a high-quality workforce for our community.


Community: Growth of 18-34 Year Old Demographic

A commitment from businesses to incentivize a graduate’s Work Ethic Certificate provides young adults with a reason to stay in Elkhart County, or return to Elkhart County upon the completion of college or military.