PRIDE: The Foundation of Work Ethic Certification

The very foundation of the Work Ethic Certificate is PRIDE. PRIDE is an acronym for the work and life characteristics that are important to successful businesses to have from their best employees.

Persistence: Student is able to persevere through challenges and problem-solve.

Respectfulness: Student accepts and demonstrates service to others, possesses a positive attitude, communicates clearly, and accepts constructive criticism. This includes teamwork and leadership.

Initiative: Student is a self-starter, critical thinker, is able to prioritize, make decisions, and complete required tasks with minimal assistance.

Dependability: Student is reliable and demonstrates responsibility, teamwork, and community/job readiness.

Efficiency: Student is organized, punctual, and demonstrates self-management.

To qualify for the Work Ethic Certificate, students must have 3 signatures verifying they have demonstrated consistent levels of PRIDE.