Student Criteria

Students and parents will meet with school representatives at the end of their junior year or beginning of their senior year to apply for the Work Ethic Certification program.

  • Student must have 98% school attendance during their senior year.
  • Student can have no more than 4 tardies to school during their senior year.
  • Student must have a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA.
  • Student can receive no more than one office referral during their senior year.
  • Student must perform 6 hours of community service after completion of their junior year but prior to 2 weeks before their graduation.
  • During the student’s senior year they, must have an internship, do a job shadow, or participate in a work place tour.
  • Student must have 3 signatures verifying they have demonstrated consistent levels of PRIDE: Persistence, Respectfulness, Initiative, Dependability, and Efficiency.
  • Student will submit to and pass a random drug test during their senior year of high school.