Student asking an adult questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to sign up for the Work Ethic Certification Program?
    • The Work Ethic Certification program is voluntary. If you do not sign up, there is no penalty to a student.
  • What happens if I go over my days of absence?
    • If a student dips below 98% attendance, and believe they are a legitimate reason, they can appeal to a Review Board that is established by the Work Ethic Certification Advisory Board.
  • Are there any absences that don’t count against the 98% attendance benchmark?
    • College visits, school field trips, or absences related to school sponsored events do not count against the 98% attendance.
  • Why is this called the Indiana Governor’s Work Ethic Certification?
    • The Governor of Indiana issues and signs the certificates for students who earn WEC. The Governor’s signature insures that the certificates are recognized by businesses around the state who are participating in the Work Ethic Certification program.
  • When will drug testing start?
    • Drug testing will not start until all 10 high schools in the Elkhart County have gotten approval from their School Boards to move ahead with the testing.
  • Is a student still able to pursue/obtain the Work Ethic Certification is he/she is graduating early?
    • Students who are graduating early are still able to pursue and obtain a Work Ethic Certificate. The number of absences or tardies will be adjusted to meet the equivalent criteria of a student who is graduating at the end of the year.